Tuesday, November 15, 2005

blog spam

It’s been a busy few months, and I haven’t been updating search etc nearly as much as I should have been.


I took a look for the first time in ages, and my last comment on adwords changing has had 52 comments….


And out of those 52 comments, 52 (well, I haven’t checked, but I’m assuming) are blog spam.


For those that don’t know, blog spam is the art (or lack of) of posting a comment on a blog with the sole objective of getting a hyperlink back to there site, so that there site will have more incoming links, and the search engines will rank them higher in the search engine rankings, and as a result they will get more traffic for free from the search engine organic listings.


So all the blog spammers have different ways of doing it, which I wont’ go through. There are also plenty of software programs, which allow you to automate the blog spamming to a much greater extent.


Blogger.com (the blog software which I use for the search etc blog) quickly came to the rescue by allowing you to switch off comments, which is a pity that it has to be done, as an important part of blogging is allowing your readers to be interactive with your blog.


I’ve decided to leave on comments for the current time, so I can see the innovative ways blog spammers come up with to get there links.


Many of them actually seem to take the time to read the blogs, and so the process isn’t 100% automated, as they use my name in there postings – unless they are scraping my name off the “about me” section, which is entirely possible.