Wednesday, July 13, 2005

careful when bidding @ an online auction

I just took a look at, an online auction company in South Africa run by Andrew Higgins who I’ve known for many years.


They have the promo “one day crazy auction” every Wednesday where certain products start at R1 bidding, and there is no reserve.


So I went to take a look.


The first thing that caught my eye is an ebook on organic food that is being sold – but it is very unclear that the product is an ebook – any average bidder would assume that it is a real book. And people get unhappy when they buy products thinking they are buying one thing and get another. The only reason I figured it out, is that the image looked like an ebook image, and when I looked at the shipping costs, it said that the book would be delivered by pdf format.


Very dodge if you ask me.


Turbocash, an accounting product which is open source is being sold – sure you can buy the turbocash product on cd for a small amount, but to try sell open source products on an auction site is sad – if the person wants the cd rather than downloading it, I can understand they would be happy to pay a few rand or dollars for it, but most people probably don’t realize that the turbocash product is open source and that they can get it for free.


And then a whole stack of internet marketing ebooks and products, many of which you can get for free, or a couple of the internet marketing products which I noticed, I know have resell licences, so they can be sold, but I remember that many of these internet marketing products have restrictions about being sold on auction sites!


And then living in South Africa – a number of the products on auction like the omega watch, and some of the Jewellery looks a little suspect – would I buy an omega watch on an auction site without clear verification from the seller that they have the right to sell it and that it is not stolen! Probably not!


Anyway, going through the products, and remembering the articles I’ve read about ebay having entire departments to decide on what can and can’t be sold on their auction site, I think that running an auction site is not just about matching buyers and sellers.


You need to have a certain level of confidence in the auctions, and I don’t think that bidorbuy has achieved that yet.


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