Friday, June 24, 2005

Yanik Silver Underground Secrets

The top internet marketers are extremely clever.

Yanik is one of these.

The new trend which I’m witnessing is for the marketers to have the seminars which are extremely well attended, (and although pricy, it looks like they are worth the money). I haven’t attended one of these “underground” conferences yet (although I’m making a list of them, and will start attending a number of them), and my conference exposure has been limited to Search Engine Strategies, Ad Tech, Affiliate Summit, and Pubcon webmasterworld…

Anyway, I’m diverging – the underground conferences bring a number of “real” internet marketers together – the ones who are innovative, cutting edge, and are doing REAL internet marketing…the ones who it appears are making the “real” money on the net.

So I saw in Allan Gardayne’s mail this morning, mention of a highlight of Yanik’s underground secrets conference which happened a few weeks back.

So what these guys are doing is recording the conferences, and then creating a 2nd income stream by selling a limited number of them after the conference. This is genius! It means that a person like me living in South Africa who can’t make the trip over to the US (or bahama’s J) for the conferences, can still catch up with the latest techniques. Obviously, a large part of the value comes from the networking with the other attendees and sharing ideas (at the pub *grin*), but the information that is presented is often very interesting, and gives an up and coming internet marketer a ton of new ideas.

So back to Yanik Silver – when going to the link that Allan gives, you are given an opportunity to watch 2 clips from the conference – but here’s the great part (for Yanik) – you have to double opt in to his mailing list before you can watch the clips. That’s right – DOUBLE OPT IN.

So Yanik gets the following:

  1. Exposure of his personal brand (building up Yanik Silver)
  2. A verified e-mail address of a HIGHLY TARGETTED person – anyone who is opting in to watch an “underground internet marketing” conference is part of a niche group! Wow – what I would do to have a few thousand of these e-mails! J
  3. The opportunity to get these people excited about the “limited release” (in this case 750 copies) of the conference – there is a ticker on the site showing you how many days till the dvd is released.

So when Yanik releases the DVD in a few weeks time, I would have already watched the clip, been excited at the thought of being able to view the entire conference, and would be a potential customer – what a brilliant pre-sell!!!

I did notice when watching the clip that the video is on the speaker and not the presentation – so when watching the dvd, you might not be able to see what the speaker is referring to (or perhaps it jumps back and forwards, or there is a split screen – I’ll have to watch first to find out).

Anyway, I’m determined to start making the trip across to attend some of these “alternative” conferences – I know of a couple that happen in the US, UK and Australia, so I guess that plane is going to be getting some time with me. Last year I did a lot of traveling, coming over for a number of the “commercial” conferences, but I’ve taken a break for the last few months, as I just wanted to enjoy Cape Town.

But I’m excited to see what the conferences actually tell you, and also how the dvd’s compare to the conferences.

If you want to see what I’ve been speaking about, the url for the first page is

(as mentioned, you have to double opt in to receive the link for the clips – I didn’t really get much value out of watching them, but you really have to see the entire speakers presentation / q&a, to get what they’re talking about)

Lastly, I also have a habit of placing a unique email into each internet marketers opt in, so I can determine if any of them are reselling the lists / spamming me at a later date! Get a domain, forward everything to one address (, and then use for each opt in you do. Then if you start getting new spam, you can get a feel for where it originates from.


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