Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ways of blogging

If you thought blogging was simply about going to one of the blog programs on the web, and writing your thoughts, then you with on my wavelength till 30 minutes ago.


But blogging has become quite involved.


There are now a number of ways to post your thoughts to your blog:


  1. On the web, you log into your blog, and post your message
  2. You download a small software program such as Hello to post your messages (and this allows you to upload images as well, so is pretty nifty) – although I can’t seem to find out how to leave spaces between my lines, or to enter headings, so I still have to go into the web based system to fix up my posts.
  3. You can e-mail your thoughts to an address you set up, and they are automatically added to your blog (I thought I had an issue with this method – I wasn’t sure how to hyperlink, but I just worked it out – just press the hyperlink button – doesn’t come much easier than this)
  4. You can send messages to your blog from your mobile – I’ll have to try that out later in the day!
  5. I’m not sure if this is 100% factual, but I get the feeling from reading various articles that you can set your web cam to post images to your blog at predetermined time intervals – give me a few days with this one (still trying to find my driver for me cam so it’s not up and running at the moment)


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