Tuesday, June 28, 2005

scraper sites

Well, I’m continuing my link building efforts, and I’m amazed by how many scraper sites there are in the search engine index’s!


Reading webmasterworld there have been countless number of messages about how many scraper sites there are, but I hadn’t really encountered this until today.


A scraper site is a site that pulls info off other sites (eg. Is a collection of the title bar, a few pieces of “scraped” info, and the url, often which isn’t hyperlinked), and then adds an advert (either affiliate or adsense throughout the page) to generate revenue.


On the one keyword I typed into yahoo, about 7 of the top 10 sites were scraper sites.


Each of them had the google adsense prominently displayed on them.


I remember when I was starting out a few years back, I even tested out jeff’s traffic equalizer, but never really got into it. Well, these new guys sure have – I’m not sure if they’re using a new version of traffic equalizer, but the sites look slick, and for the uninformed visitor, they would probably simply click on one of the adsense or affiliate links, making the site owner cash.


The only issue (besides that the engines are getting cluttered up), is that google adsense states in the terms of service, that a site can not simply be a collection of links made for adsense, and it appears that these sites DEFINITELY are made for adsense.


It also appears that many of the hardcore internet marketing experts are behind these sites.


Why do I say that?


Because you don’t see many site owners using alternative ads for adsense (to display alternative ads when the google ads don’t show up). These sites have casino alternative url’s – not highly targeted, but many of the players in the internet casino world know what they’re talking about as pills, gambling, and adult are the 3 industries which have the reputation of being on the cutting edge of internet marketing (I should know J many years back I was a media buyer for one of the large internet casino groups).


What’s more amazing is that the same scraper sites have so many similar url’s in them, that yahoo has included a number of the pages from the SAME site in the top listings.


If the engines don’t find a way of getting scraper sites out the engines, then I predict that a number of white hat seo’s are going to move to the dark side (hahaha – been watching too much star wars), as setting up a scraper site is pretty straight forward!!!!!!!


NO! I’m staying pure!!!!!!!!!


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