Wednesday, June 15, 2005

net marketing 101

The net is getting bigger and bigger. I'm thinking whether it is better to focus on one area or to become a jack of all trades. There is so many areas to learn and keep up to date with, that it becomes impossible - developing your site, marketing it, and then analysing the stats, so you can max your ROI on your marketing efforts.

But with marketing, and I'm just speaking about Internet Marketing now, not Online PR, Offline PR or Traditional offline marketing, there are so many different areas:

1. Paid Search - 1st tier (google, overture (well, yahoo), msn) / 2nd tier - and the list goes down a number of tiers

2. Organic Search - white hat / black hat / grey hat

3. email

4. contextual (not contextual search, but adware - and then it becomes tricky coz there are the good, the grey and the just plain ugly)

5. media buying (i know ppc falls into this category theoretically, but i think it deserves it's own category, so i'm speaking here about purchasing banners and text links on sites (text links for traffic, not for page rank)

6. viral (probably the best of all, but something i still haven't perfected - watch this space, there are going to be some interesting viral applications being launched in the months to come). (the expert at this time in this space seems to be Mike Filsaime who is launching new viral type applications at a rapid rate!)

7. affiliate - networks, stand alone programs / lead gen

it just goes on and on...

and then how do you monetize all this marketing?

1. commerce - actually selling stuff
2. advertising & sponsorships - think adsense although big sponsorships will probably give you more of that warm fuzzy feeling (go Jaysen - good quote buddy - i use it often - we'll have to catch up soon)
3. affiliate - your risk - but plenty cash to be made, if you know what you are doing
4. using online methods to promote your offline business

Well, i've just realised that although i'm a touch typist, blogging still takes time, and i've got a to-do list that is reaching the 8th floor of my 6 story block (i'm at the top, so you have to realise that the to-do list is pretty damn long!) :)


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