Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Yahoo

I logged into my “My Yahoo” account for the first time in ages yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that I could add feeds to my account, so that in addition to content such as news and tv listings, I could have my favorite blog headlines being displayed.


This is really useful so that at a glance you can see what is happening at once – without an aggregator you’d have to go to each of the websites separately.


However, “My Yahoo” is more useful for an American citizen rather than me living in Cape Town in South Africa, as the TV listings, and certain other parts of the site can’t be customized for non-american’s. You guys have it all! J I still have to log into a different website to see what is worth watching. It would be great having it all in one place – hopefully yahoo or msn (or more likely google will allow me to do that).


Anyway, today in my inbox I received a mail from Yahoo (the first in ages) letting me know that they had added kewl new features to My Yahoo.


It included the following:

·                         Add content from around the Web through RSS.

·                         Choose from over 150,000 new sources (more added daily).

·                         Create your own custom modules via News Search or add your favorite sites by RSS URL.

Now  I’m curious to know whether Yahoo sent this mail to everyone, and that they have only recently introduced RSS on the “my yahoo” site, and that I just happened to look at it before it got announced to the rest of the world, or if they noticed I hadn’t logged in for awhile, and sent me an e-mail based on the fact that I was a returning visitor, who might not have known about the new features that were added some time ago.


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