Thursday, June 16, 2005

Linked in monetizing

If any of you haven't joined up with Linked In yet, I strongly suggest that you do so. It's free to join up, and allows you to network not only with your contacts, but your contacts contacts, and your contacts' contacts's contacts! (tongue twister), all the way to the 4th or 5th level.

It's a really interesting networking platform, built upon the concept of the "6 degrees of seperation".

Anyway, linked in announced today that they'd be using the system to help more people find jobs - at the moment it is a free service, but i can see that it is going to start making linked in cash in the near future. At the moment, I see an upgrade membership on their site, and a number of sponsored links, but i'm not sure how much they can be making out of that.

Regardless, I feel they could be making a lot more, as they need to find a way of getting the over 2 million members they have to make them money, and I think this job service will be a winner.


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