Tuesday, June 28, 2005

google earth

Have now spent 2 hours with a couple of glasses of red and the new google offering – google earth which is in beta.


It appears to be an updated version of keyhole or keynote (can’t remember what it was called), which allows you to explore the earth!


But this has gone further. You can explore NYC in the USA in 3D (which for guys like me living in CT in SA is amazing), and you can zoom quite clearly up to about 2000 feet.


I used to live in London near the o2 center in North West London (near finchley road tube) and I could see the o2 center quite clearly from an aerial view, along with west hampstead and finchley road where I spent plenty time.


When you are able to zoom a little closer to see bars, clubs, landmarks, restaurants etc it’s going to be incredible.


I’m already swaying from exploring 3 countries (or maybe that is the red wine) J


The only issue is that google earth is a 10 mb download and the first time I tested it out, it crashed my computer (but has been working fine since).


You have to try google earth – download now for FREE (don’t you love google giving stuff this kewl away for free)


Now for a glass of RED! LOL


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