Monday, June 27, 2005

comparing google, msn, and yahoo results

I was browsing through SEOBook by Aaron Wall yesterday (if you want to learn more about seo, the seo ebook by Aaron @ is a wonderful read) and he reiterated a number of times how important link building was for getting good search engine listings.

So I decided to devote today to getting a number of sites to link to one of my sites.

Firstly I went to yahoo and searched on a relevant keyword, and then did the same on google and msn.

The results were interesting.

  1. Many of the sites in the top 10 for this keyword (not a competitive keyword by the way) didn’t work, or looked like they hadn’t been updated in 5 years. However, because they have a large number of sites linking to them, they get high positions regardless of the fact that some of them DON”T EVEN WORK! I don’t think the search engines meant that to happen when they placed reliance on links to determine relevancy.
  2. A large number of the top listings in Yahoo were the SAME listings in google and msn. Now these sites which were listed in all 3 engines weren’t particulary good, and if I remember correctly, one of them might even have been one of the sites which wasn’t working.

A couple of the sites did in all fairness look relevant and would be the type of site I would want to pull up if I was a random surfer, but TOO many weren’t!

Anyway, in addition to boosting my search engine listings by highly targeted link building, you get too learn a lot about the industry along the way. I was thinking before I started whether I should outsource the work but after spending a number of hours doing this (a large number of hours J), I have realized it’s not only the links which are important – it’s the knowledge you learn about the industry – who the players are in the engines, how they are getting their listings, (one of them gives away app’s as an example), and the different areas they focus on (as this industry is quite a large one – no, before you start nodding your head thinking you know which industry I’m talking about, this site has nothing to do with internet marketing, seo, ppc or any other internet marketing related areas).

Anyway, if you have a website, it’s a good idea to spend a few hours each week linkbuilding – over and above the benefit from having more sites link to you (which will give you direct traffic from the sites, and hopefully extra traffic from the search engines due to the increased relevancy you now have in their eyes), you also get to learn a ton about the industry your site is in.


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